About Us

About Us

We originally opened in June 2013 under the name, Amphibian King Ashtown, although it was in December 2014 that we officially rebranded to The Run Hub. Since then, ours is a story that has constantly been evolving into the store, and running hub, it is today.

“Running” means different things to different people: for some, it is a fun, social activity at the weekend, while for others it can mean going all in on gruelling, competitive training sessions. Yet, ultimately, it really comes down to one, overarching movement: one foot in front of the other. At The Run Hub, we take this one step further by always ‘Going the Extra Mile.’ Whether it is for the weekend runner looking for their next piece of kit, or the more discerning athlete in search of specialist knowledge, we cater for Runners of every calibre.

The Run Hub was originally set up by Mark Horan in 2013 and has since evolved from being a humble store in Dublin’s north-west to a running hub at the heart of the city, an actively evolving space that is made up not just of the products it sells but of the people - the runners, walkers and activity-lovers alike - that walk through its doors. Our team is made up exclusively of athletes, and are always on hand to provide specialist knowledge and advice on running footwear, injuries, rehabilitation, nutrition and training, all of which we offer free of charge!

Our philosophy is one grounded in the nature of the sport itself: that is one of mutual recognition of one another’s potential. As athletes, we want to help bring out your best, and a hub is the best place to do this: so come on down, and find out for yourself how fun and enlightening a trip to a store can be!

For additional information on any of the above, please contact mark@therunhub.ie. For general queries, please contact sales@therunhub.ie, or see our Services and Contact Us pages.